Day 182 Journey into Life, My Life in Mexico, ‘Humanitarian’ Character, Commitment Statements

I commit myself to deconstruct the ‘Humanitarian’ Character as I see/realize/understand that when I go into that character I am separating myself from myself in the different dimensions of the character to obtain energy from the substance of my physical body. I see that this character does not make any difference to the quality of others on this planet but is one of self-interest to attempt to alleviate my suffering of feeling bad  and to attempt to go into positivity when I see another have to survive for life.  I also know that being positivity actually creates more negativity within the mind consciousness system and the world system and so is counter productive to my intentions of wanting to help.

I commit myself to stop going in the dimension of thought that ‘I have to do something’ as I see/realize/understand that this instigates all the other dimensions of thought, feelings and emotions,  imagination, reactions, back chat, internal conversations, memories and consequences and therefore I go into the mind creating more energy.

I commit myself to stop going into my imagination as doing things that will make a moment feel less comfortable and that I can feel positive about a situation instead of being HERE as LIFE as BREATH one breath at a time not trying to fix things that can never be fixed

I commit myself to stop going into the mind as fear that I am going to be attacked or hijacked just because I am around poverty and remain one and equal with all life as it is

I commit myself to stop feeling sad as I see sadness is a component of the mind that takes me from being HERE. Instead I direct myself with self-responsibility and not polarize or go into emotions and feelings

I commit myself to stop judging others as they fend for their survival as I see/realize/understand that judging creates separation and what is underneath that is my own fear of survival as we all survive on this planet gaining more and more energy for ourselves instead of living as life free from creating energy from within the mind that has consequences of complete separation from reality.

I commit myself to stop going into back chat and internal conversations about what I can or can’t do, speaking my fear to myself, feeling the horror about what I am witnessing because I see/realize/understand that this paralyzes me from being here and self-directive.

I commit myself to stop being repulsed , as that is a component of the mind consciousness system, about what I am seeing and take a stand for LIFE and be active in contributing to Equality and Oneness and what is Best For ALL

I commit myself to equalize all memories as pixels  from the mind engrained within my physical body that I experience as energy from past experiences when dealing with extreme poverty and how people have to survive with this planet. I recognize that being HERE in LIFE as the substance of life free from the mind with make the difference to the quality of life HERE.

I commit myself to stand One and Equal with all humanity as I see/realize/understand that the system with which we live in is a mirror of what is internally going on with me within my own mind consciousness system. I continue to walk the Journey into Life one breath at a time to apply self forgiveness and self correction to where I create energy from the mind so that I may stand with all life in equality

I commit myself to stop using the word ‘Humanitarian” within using the word as being separation itself  by creating energy  as  a polarity of the Haves and the Have-nots, as I see/realize/understand that it invokes and elicits energy within others as a feel-good ‘positive’ experience within others when in actual fact absolutely nothing has been done to stop the horror of what is occurring on Earth and the ‘positive’ energy only exacerbates the situation by creating more negativity.

I commit myself to see that everything within the system is a mirror of myself and that correcting things within myself is the first order of the day. I investigate any reaction that I have about someone else as going into my mind, myself first as deconstructing all characters that have personalities of internal conversations and back chat about others.

I commit myself to creating an Equal Money System so that all humans will have a life of dignity and substance of having a real life of living and not just surviving


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